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I think that if you accept I and welcome him you keep the lines of communication open between you and her.If you are anti him you are more likely to make her even more determined to be with him. I think it depends totally on the bloke and the girl in question. She is a very mature and sensible girl and he seems lovely and very fond of her......sure how to be about this.....should i freak out if she stays over at his.....

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I'd probably say no until they have been together a long time. I don't hold it against my parents now, they were doing what they thought was best, out of love for me.We both understood that it was their house so we followed their rules.He was at university and lived in halls and my parents let me stay with him (after they'd met him) as it was 'easier' after we'd been out in town.If only my parents had done the same, my life would have been very different.It makes me sad because it did change the direction of my life - I made some choices due to their behaviour that I wouldn't have made and it has made my life much harder and very different to what I'd planned.

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