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A 30-year-old was also quick to send me a pic of himself in his underwear.When I told him I was 15 he was cautious but then revealed he had a sexual encounter with a 15-year-old boy when he was 20.A 30-year-old bisexual man was also unfazed by my age, telling me: “I find it fine you naughty little minx”, before describing in graphic detail what he would do to me.He also revealed he didn’t have much time to see me as he had a girlfriend, but would still love to meet up.

In three days there were 60 messages in the inbox...“How was school today?

Complete strangers can see your child’s picture, find out how many metres away they are, send them lewd pictures, and arrange to meet them - all in a matter of a few clicks.

We went undercover to highlight how easily vulnerable children can be targeted on such sites.

He was happy to discuss what he liked sexually, consider meeting, and later messaged me asking how school had been.

The fact I was at third year in high school did little to deter an 18-year-old user who said he was ‘OK’ with me being 15, and sent me several pictures of his private parts.

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