14c dating groundwater

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Carbon-14: The radioactive isotope of carbon, C has been used to study the origin, transport, and fate of dissolved organic carbon (DOC) in streams and shallow groundwater in forested catchments (Schiff et al., 1990; Wassenaar et al., 1991; Aravena et al., 1992).

Typically, DOC in groundwaters is composed of older carbon than surface waters, indicating extensive cycling of DOC.

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We no longer recommend adding a small amount of Na OH to the sample.

In many carbonate-poor catchments, waters along shallow flowpaths in the soil zone have characteristically light C values of organic materials can provide extremely useful information about sources of contaminants.

One recent technological advance, compound-specific stable isotope geochemistry, allows the isotopic analysis of individual carbon and nitrogen "peaks" in substances separated by gas chromatography, combusted, and then carried into the mass spectrometer in a flow of helium (Macko, 1994).

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C of plants and organisms can provide useful information about sources of nutrients and food web relations, especially when combined with analyses of d15N and/or d34S.

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